An Introduction

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Our school was the third one of its type on the list in the former Southern-Moravian region, established by a decree of the Ministry for Education and National Edification in August 1942. The school started in the same year on September 21st and passed through several development stages throughout the years. While the name has changed several times and the technology base has been enlarged as well as updated, the school saved its main professional orientation for the whole time of its existence.
The Secondary Industrial School and the Vocational Machinery School in Prostějov is a regional school with legal subjectivity.
The founder of the school is the Olomouc Region since July 1st 2001 and the school provides a complete secondary professional education as well as vocational qualifications. The educational professional courses are concluded by passing the leaving exam (maturita) giving the students the option to enter further studies, especially at polytechnic colleges. The vocational courses result in final exams and in obtaining a trade proficiency certificate for the particular field of activity and the graduates have further opportunities to continue in additional studies to get the leaving exam (maturita).
The school makes use of several buildings in Prostějov - the one in Lidická street for theoretical education, the practical training is being proceeded in workshops in Vrahovická and Wolkerova streets.
The school central office is in Lidická street, in a building designed by the architect Eduard Žáček and built in the years 1936-1937. It is a notable building in the functionalism style with an interesting solution of interiors. Up to this day the school creates a modern impression.
The current education plans stress not only technical subjects, but also on the educational ones and languages. The language lessons are focused on practical language skills and managing the basic technical vocabulary, which is inevitable for our students' future jobs with regard to entering the European Union.
In the professional courses concluded by doing the leaving exam we not only lay weight on technical subjects, but we also try to introduce additional lessons to subjects like mathematics and physics due to the great interest of students in continuing studies at colleges.
Sports can be practised in a school gymnasium and advanced bodybuilding room. Boarding for students is arranged in a school canteen, accommodation for non-residents is available in a youth boarding house.